This is a difficult time for small businesses. Lockdowns and quarantines have hurt the earnings of thousands of small businesses across France.
With the COVID-19 far crisis from over, we are dedicated to helping these companies launch or update their websites to allow them to earn additional revenue.
An e-commerce site can allow for customers to view your whole inventory, order as many items as they like, and choose to have their purchase delivered or prepared for pick up.

Government Support

Efforts are being made to help small businesses build a digital presence, both through funding and matching merchants with service providers.
In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the My Online Business program has been set up to provide up to €1,500, intended for traders and artisans who wish to develop their e-commerce activity (e.g. website).
Eligible expenses relate to the creation, redesign or optimization of a website or an e-commerce site.

They also focus on optimizing the web presence: advertising and digital solutions to boost sales, loyalty solutions, referral costs, purchase of domain names.

If you run a small business, you can read more about the program here.

Our Services

We provide a focused set of services, based on our expertise and experience. Often we will combine many of the below services for a project, but we are also able to work on just one specific type of project if that is what a client needs.
Building and designing responsive websites
Building Webflow CMS Content management systems for blogs
Setting up tasks and system automation with Zapier
Building E-commerce websites / storefronts
Integrating Stripe and other payment processors
Producing member-based websites (sign on, gated content)

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